Frequently Asked Questions

1. The cost of the tool is $1,495.00 plus shipping and MN tax if             applicable.

2.  We accept checks, money orders or credit cards.

3.  The weight of the hand part of the tool is less than 3 ½ #’s the           total weight of the unit is 64 #’s.

4.  The overall dimensions are Height 42”, Maximum Width at cart           wheels 21”, Maximum depth at battery box 18 ½”

5.  The entire tool comes with a 2 wheeled cart – like a hand dolly           that carries the tool, pump (included) and a box for the battery         (battery not included).

6.  The jaws are made of steel.

7.  The body of the tool is made of high quality aluminum alloy.

8.  The tool operates from a hydraulic pump (included) and a 12 volt       battery (not included).

9.  The tool is quiet.

10. The trigger has a ½ second delay and does stop when you               release the trigger. The jaws open 1 5/8“

11. The tool has a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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