EZ Hoof Nipper

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Takes the work out of trimming horses

Made in the USA
The "E-Z Hoof Nipper" is a one-handed hydraulic powered hoof nipper for trimming hooved animals.

Whether you are a horse owner trimming your own, or a farrier makinga  living, this incredible tool does the work for you.

Offers one-handed operation so there is no need to get under the horse if you don't want to. It's no harder than lifting the foot like when cleaning the hoof. Reach over with the nipper and push the button to trim. (See photos to left)

A nice job done in a fraction of the usual time!

Faster trimming means less stress for the horse and less work and frustration for you.

Trim feet in seconds; you're done so fast the horse doesn't have time to fuss, and you don't get a sore back.

For the farrier, this tool will increase your income by allowing more appointments in a day with less strain on your body.
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